About Us


Tropic-X is the agricultural business of Nampi Foods, a vertically integrated specialty foods company that employs the Impact Farming model. Impact Farming aims to empower small farmers by creating access to modern regenerative agriculture technologies and premium international markets. 
Left to Right: Bruno Bonatto, Edgardo Popolizio, Tony Salas, Miguel Ángel Popolizio, Gisela Camminati, Andreas Woernle y Luis Bonatto

Impact Farming

•Nearly 30% of small associated producers are women. The “El Milagro” Association has 23 women from the Yanesha nation, who have contributed more than 40 thousand kilos of cherry.
•More than 100 families of small coffee producers have been directly impacted in their productivity and income, this is equivalent to 500 family members.
•With technical assistance, training and microcredits provided by Tropic-X, small producers have increased their production from 10 quintals per hectare to more than 15, and in some cases over 30 quintals per ha.
•8 small farmer organizations produce coffee on 259 hectares, of which 105 were wholly or partially microfinanced by Tropic-X in supplies and cash for labor and harvest.
•We maintain permanent support for our workers and associated producers, with monthly visits to assess the status of the plantation and harvest projection. This implies the introduction of concepts such as productivity, quality and market, as well as practical training in the application of fertilizers in liquid form (Drench) and selective harvesting.
•We carry out periodic training on labor issues, health and safety at work, and issues of social importance such as awareness of bullying and sexual harassment.
•We have carried out a successful experience in formal education on agricultural issues in partnership with the La Merced Public Technological Higher Education Institute, from which 52 students from the region graduated from the course on Technological Extension and Innovation in Coffee and Cacao Cultivation.
•In accordance with our Regenerative Agriculture approach, we carry out practices such as addition of compost and introduction of beneficial microorganisms in solution, resulting in vigorous activity of the soil microbiota.
•Preliminary analyzes show that the soils on our farms have organic matter and carbon levels higher than average from neighboring farms with similar crops (coffee, cacao).
•We apply biostimulants and biological activators produced by the partner company iQBiotech, which allows us to reduce the volume of synthetic fertilizers applied to each plant.

Regenerative Agriculture

iQBiotech was established in 2016 as a technology platform generating biology-based regenerative agriculture solutions. Agricultural biological inputs could be part of the solution to current challenges. iQB is committed to leading the way. Everything we do in the field with our products will improve the way we live, if we can take care of nature and biodiversity, the improvement is incalculable for humans.